All shows mentioned below can be adapted for people with special needs.

Mouse wants House
Mouse has found an apple and wants to take it into his little hole, but the apple is too big. So he goes out to look for a bigger house.
Interactive narrative show with table puppets. And there is plenty of singing in it as well.
age-group: 2 years and up

All the ducks...
On the bank of the ditch in my garden there lives a duck. And I am going to let you into a secret: she has built a nest of twigs and feathers. And then she went and sat on it and laid an egg.
In the show we watch the duckling being hatched and follow it on its way into the wide world.
During the show matching children's songs will be sung with guitar accompaniment.
age-group: 2 years and up

Once more
The join-in show "Once more" is a true party for a maximum of 30 pre-schoolers!
First the story is played in a small setting with puppets: the little bear is going on a picnic and later on when it is cold and dark outside put to bed by his mother.
Afterwards each child can have a picnic with a (loan) teddybear of his own and with wind and rain outside we all together crawl in the bear cave and put the little bears to bed.
The emphasis is on empathy and stimulation of the senses. There proves to be a strong appeal to the caring qualities of the children.
We will sing quite a lot of songs.
age-group: 2 years and up

On the star and the stable
With reference to well-known Dutch carols, the Christmas story is told in simple language and illustrated by large standing puppets.